Victoria Johnson is a character from the first season of Canadian Boys. She is the girlfriend of Vancouver.

Biology Edit

Victoria is a 15-year-old girl of White English Canadian heritage. She has brown hair and light hazel eyes. She wears a black dress-shirt with dark pink hems and a golden star motif in the middle, matching-colour shorts, a pink scarf and ribbons and a pair of burgundy-and-black shoes with revealing holes and light mauve cotton socks underneath.

Victoria is Vancouver's girlfriend, and she takes on some responsibility to care for him.

Personality Edit

As his girlfriend, Victoria mostly acts very kindly towards Vancouver, but she can be quite firm when he is getting up to trouble (which is quite often). She worries a lot about Vancouver, especially if he's out of her sight, and always stands by him even if he's done something particularly unforgivable. Victoria can become annoyed by some of Vancouver's habits, especially when he scratches his head, but she never outright becomes angry with him.

Quotes Edit

  • (to Vancouver) "Oh, Vancouver."
  • "Vancouver! What are you doing?"

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Victoria and her boyfriend, Vancouver, were originally going to be sister and brother, though this was changed to girlfriend and boyfriend just before the Canadian Boys series started.

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