Truro Deuville is a character in the Canadian Boys in-universe drama/documentary TV series A Nova Scotian Way of Life, popularly abbreviated to ANSWOL.

Biology Edit

Truro is a 27-year-old man of White English Canadian, one-quarter Northern Irish and one-eighth Acadian heritage. He has brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a bright-red jacket with a salmon-pink collared shirt underneath, a pair of navy-blue jean shorts with rolled-up hems over some bright-azure trousers fastened with a partially-loosened belt and dark sapphire-blue sash, light azure gumboots, and a deep-red cap decorated with a light pink feather.

Since he was very young, Truro's best friend has been a young Acadian man named Yarmouth. However, much more recently, their friendship has blossomed into something a lot more romantic, and Truro is often seen holding hands with Yarmouth or giving him light kisses.

Personality Edit

Truro is very enthusiastic about trying new things. He loves to play games with Yarmouth - his favourite game is catch (where they repeatedly throw a ball or similar object back and forth), and a game between the two can go on for hours.

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