The McAdams is a comedy/drama TV series in the Canadian Boys universe which first aired on the COCBC Channel in 2000.

Premise Edit

The series follows the daily lives of the McAdams, a family of five all originally from New Brunswick who now live in the City of Canada's 'rough and tough' Harbourlands district (which gives the series its name). Using slightly light-hearted humour, the series explores such themes and issues as over-dependence on technology, caring for a teenager (or several teenagers), and preparing for adulthood.

Characters Edit

See also the individual article for each character; this is not an exhaustive list.

Port Elgin Edit

The matriarch of the McAdam family. She takes on a lot of responsibilities to help keep the family as happy and as satisfied with their lives as much as she can, and teaches her children to learn to become dutiful young adults. She is something of a softie, being prone to crying at the tiniest thing and thinking her life is in such a "mess".

Kedgwick Edit

The patriarch of the McAdam family. He also cares for his children and teaches them to act responsibly, though not to the same extent as Port Elgin. Whenever he starts talking, he clears his throat, making the other members of the family think that he has some sort of chronic breathing difficulty.

Miramichi Edit

The eldest McAdam child at 18 years old. She almost never seems to be seen without being attached to her phone, blankly tapping away. She uses her phone as a kind of mini-computer, using it for everything from messaging through to surfing the Web, taking photographs (usually of herself), and playing games. Her family show great concern for her over being addicted to her phone, and they always try to persuade her to do something more productive with her time.

Bayfield Edit

The middle McAdam child at 15 years old. He is a little calm, but he has a very short attention span and is prone to daydreaming if he stands still for too long. He is somewhat wayward, often causing small accidents and then denying that he "did it" when he was clearly responsible, which leads to him being reprimanded rather sternly.

Robertville Edit

The youngest McAdam child at 13 years old. Easily irritated, he shouts very loudly if he is provoked. He is cynical and has a "don't want to, don't care" attitude about almost everything. When angry, he will not listen to any orders given out to him out of defiance and feeling 'superior', though he usually eventually gives in.

Trivia Edit

  • All the members of the McAdam family are named after towns and villages in the eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick. This is a similar character-naming convention to that which is used in another COCBC TV series, Sackville Sailor.