Stories of a Young Canadian Man is Toronto's debut album in the Canadian Boys universe. It was released in 2011.

Album art Edit

The album art shows Toronto in a simple sitting pose against a dark backdrop, with his hands interlocked together and him smiling subtly into the camera.

Track listing Edit

  1. Canadian Apparel
  2. On A Sunny Day
  3. Fun in the Park
  4. Crystal Shine
  5. If You Say So
  6. Toronto at Night
  7. Gotta Be, Gotta Do
  8. High in the Air
  9. Follow Me, Everybody
  10. Climbin' the CN Tower
  11. Dance Like A Canadian
  12. The Gift of Love
  13. You Are My Treasure
  14. Colourful Life
  15. A Heart of Gold
  16. I Love Canada
  17. Spring Blossoms
  18. Party Land
  19. A Guy Like Me
  20. Red Maple Leaves