Port Hawkesbury Birchwood is a character in the first season of Canadian Boys. She is the mother of Pictou and the wife of Stellarton.

Biology Edit

Port Hawkesbury is a 46-year-old woman of White Acadian Canadian descent. She has brown hair and light hazel eyes. Her husband is Stellarton, and Pictou is her son.

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Being Pictou's mother, Port Hawkesbury takes on a lot of duties to help him stay safe and calm in the face of danger. She is somewhat of a softie, easily being driven to tears at the smallest thing, usually over Pictou. She cares a lot for her son, especially given his condition and vulnerability, but also manages to give her husband Stellarton some much-needed affection too.

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Trivia Edit

  • Port Hawkesbury is the first female character of Acadian heritage in the Canadian Boys series.