North Bay Garland is a character in the first season of Canadian Boys. He is the first transgender character in the series.

Biology Edit

North Bay is a young White English Canadian man (in either his 20s or early 30s) who decides to live and dress as a woman. He has brown hair (which he has styled into a more 'feminine' look) and bright blue eyes. Though biologically male, North Bay has always thought of himself as being female, and so he tries to conform to a woman's lifestyle. He goes by female gender pronouns ("she" and "her").

Personality Edit

North Bay is proud and can be somewhat brash in his speech and manners ("I'm North Bay! I gotta lotta say!" is used as one of his catchphrases, which often rhyme). He will disregard anyone who asks him to act more like his biological gender and firmly tell them that this is the life he wants to live.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm North Bay! I gotta lotta say!" (catchphrase)

Trivia Edit

  • North Bay was originally going to be biologically female, but the creator Sabrina Gardiner decided to change 'her' to a transgender male-to-female character just before the Canadian Boys series officially commenced.