Napanee James is a character in the first season of Canadian Boys. She is the mother of Toronto.

Biology Edit

Napanee is a 49-year-old woman of White English Canadian heritage. She has brown, greying hair and light blue eyes. She has slight difficulty walking because of her weakening stature, so she carries a walking stick to keep herself steady. Toronto is her son, and her husband is Deseronto.

Personality Edit

Napanee is very proud of her son Toronto and his achievements in the music industry, thinking of him as an 'angel from Heaven' who descended to Earth to bless the world with his amazing singing and songwriting talents.

Trivia Edit

  • The town of Napanee, Ontario (after which she was named) is the birthplace of the well-known pop singer Avril Lavigne. This ties in with her son, Toronto, being a famous singer in the Canadian Boys universe.

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