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File:Dartmouth & Jollimore Prepare for the Beach (alternative).jpgFile:Dartmouth & Jollimore dip in sea.jpgFile:Dartmouth & Jollimore in Dressing Gowns.jpeg
File:Dartmouth & Jollimore in Dressing Gowns (alternative).jpgFile:Dartmouth & Jollimore in Manic Monday.jpgFile:Dartmouth & Jollimore in Manic Monday (Suit Swap).jpg
File:Dartmouth & Jollimore mermen.jpgFile:Dartmouth & Jollimore mermen sketch.jpegFile:Dartmouth & Jollimore new.jpeg
File:Dartmouth & Jollimore sketch.pngFile:Dartmouth & Jollimore swimsuits (alternative).jpgFile:Dartmouth & Jollimore winter outfits.jpeg
File:Dartmouth & Jollimore winter outfits (alternative).jpgFile:Dartmouth and Jollimore get trick-or-treated.jpegFile:Dartmouth and Jollimore with their students.jpeg
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File:Halifax Winter Outfit.jpegFile:Halifax marker sketch.jpegFile:Halifax new.png
File:Halifax winter outfit marker sketch.jpegFile:Harrigan Cove concept art.jpegFile:It's Christmas In The City Of Canada - Promotional Poster.jpeg
File:Jacksons Point & Georgina marker sketch.jpegFile:Jacksons Point marker sketch.jpegFile:James River.JPG
File:James River new.pngFile:Joggins.jpgFile:Joggins new.png
File:Jollimore.jpgFile:Jollimore rainbow lei colour reference.jpegFile:Jollimore rainbow lei iPad art.jpg
File:Jollimore rainbow lei marker art.jpgFile:Jollimore rainbow lei sunglasses vector.jpgFile:Jollimore rainbow lei vector.jpg
File:Jollimore wearing a lei.jpgFile:Jollimore wearing a lei and sunglasses.jpgFile:Judique, Campbell & Lime Hill (Markers).jpeg
File:Judique, Campbell & Lime Hill Highland Dancers (Markers).jpegFile:Judique autographed poster.jpgFile:Judique new.png
File:Laval Sketch.jpgFile:Laval regen 1.pngFile:Lime Hill.png
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File:North Bay Sketch.jpgFile:Nova Scotian Easter Egg Rainbow.jpegFile:Oromocto.JPG
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File:Ottawa Waves the Canadian Flag (Coloured Pencils).jpegFile:Ottawa Waves the Canadian Flag (Markers).jpegFile:Ottawa normal outfit.jpg
File:Oxford.jpgFile:Parrsboro.jpgFile:Parrsboro Dance.gif
File:Parrsboro Sketch.jpgFile:Parrsboro shake kilt.pngFile:Peggy's Cove.png
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File:Pictou & Stellarton Father's Day.jpgFile:Pictou Doing What He Does Best.jpgFile:Pictou new.png
File:Port Hawkesbury Sketch.jpgFile:Port Hawkesbury new.pngFile:Powering Up Tri-City Beam.jpeg
File:Pugwash.jpgFile:Pugwash new.pngFile:Quebec.jpg
File:Quebec (TPATS).pngFile:Regina.jpgFile:Regina Bio Sheet.jpeg
File:Regina Saskatchewan flag dress.JPGFile:Regina Summer Outfit.jpegFile:Rockingham.jpg
File:Rockingham Character Portrait.jpegFile:Sackville's Nightmare book cover.pngFile:Sackville, Oromocto & Aulac new.jpeg
File:Sackville, Oromocto & Aulac sketch.pngFile:Sackville.JPGFile:Sackville Sailor - Rainbow of Sailors.jpeg
File:Sackville Sailor Logo.pngFile:Sackville new.jpgFile:Saint John Sketch.jpg
File:Sambro.jpgFile:Sambro new.pngFile:Saskatoon.jpg
File:Seattle & Vancouver In The Sky.jpgFile:Springhill's Beach Vacation.jpegFile:Springhill's Family Picnic.jpeg
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File:Stettler concept art.jpegFile:Sudbury.JPGFile:TPATS cast.jpg
File:Tatamagouche.jpgFile:Tatamagouche marker sketch.jpegFile:Tatamagouche vector.jpg
File:The Cape Breton Fiddling Trio.jpegFile:The Denoon Family (2016 Version).jpegFile:The Denoon Family (2017 Version).jpeg
File:The Denoon Family (2018 Version).jpegFile:The Provinces & Territories Show Cast.jpgFile:The Provinces and Territories Show cast (markers).jpeg
File:The Santa Hat Dance (Main Cast).jpegFile:Torontite gem mini-icon.pngFile:Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver in the sea.jpeg
File:Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver swimming trunks.jpegFile:Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver swimsuits.jpegFile:Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver winter outfits.jpeg
File:Toronto.jpgFile:Toronto CN Tower costume.JPGFile:Toronto Canadian Apparel Pose Poster.jpg
File:Toronto Canadian Apparel alternative poster.jpgFile:Toronto Timeline Sketch.jpgFile:Toronto basketball.jpeg
File:Toronto in his swimsuit.pngFile:Toronto in swimming trunks.pngFile:Toronto timeline (markers).jpeg
File:Toronto timeline (markers with annotations).jpegFile:Toronto timeline sketch with annotations.jpegFile:Toronto winter outfit.png
File:Trenton.jpgFile:Trenton Bio Sheet.jpegFile:Trenton Portrait.jpeg
File:Trenton new.pngFile:Trenton vector.jpgFile:Trenton without apron.jpg
File:Truro.jpgFile:Truro & Yarmouth Valentine's.jpgFile:Truro & Yarmouth Valentine's (Markers).jpeg
File:Truro X Yarmouth.jpegFile:Truro and Yarmouth ice skating.jpegFile:Truro marker sketch.jpeg
File:Truro vector.jpgFile:Truro x Yarmouth Pride.jpgFile:Unleashing Tri-City Beam.jpeg
File:Vancouver.jpgFile:Vancouver & Victoria Valentine's.jpegFile:Vancouver & Victoria ice skating.jpeg
File:Vancouver and Victoria in the rain with umbrellas.jpegFile:Vancouver and Victoria winter outfits.jpegFile:Vancouver carrying his schoolwork folder.JPG
File:Vancouver debut.jpgFile:Vancouver in the rain with an umbrella.jpegFile:Vancouvite gem mini-icon.png
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