Gagetown Collins is a character in the fourth season of Canadian Boys.

Biology Edit

Gagetown is a 25-year-old man of White English Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and dark green eyes. He is a soldier and so usually dresses in camouflage army attire, complete with firearms, explosives and ammunition magazines.

Personality Edit

Being a soldier, Gagetown is brave and hardy, but he also has a great sense of humour, loving to share a joke and a laugh with his fellow troops. When not on duty, he likes to have a few pints, show off his dance moves or do karaoke down at the pub, although admittedly he isn't a very good singer or dancer.

Trivia Edit

  • Him being a soldier is due to him being named after the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Gagetown in his home province of New Brunswick. Though the base itself was named after the village of Gagetown, where he was born and is named after, it is actually located in the neighbouring town of Oromocto. The village of Gagetown itself was incidentally named after an Army General, Sir Thomas Gage, again tying in to his soldier status.